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Premium Brand Imported Fragrances
Ixabiso: R490

Affordable Premium Branded Fragrances for everyday use.


I supply Premium Branded Alcohol based fragrances atincredible prices.


AAA Grades fragrances are fragrances which are as close tothe original perfumes you will get designed for people who cannot afford theHigh Retail Prices of our stores.  Allperfumes are sold in original branded packaging.  They look and smell very much the same andcome sealed in a box,  but you may needto spritz more than once during the day. These are ideal for everyday use and make great gifts.  We have many very happy customers!

Why so cheap?


We buy direct and sell direct to ensure you get the bestpossible price. Our products are sourced from overseas with markets featuring amuch greater economy of scale. By sourcing the products cheaply and cutting outlocal wholesalers, we can offer you better prices. For many consumers, thelower prices are worth the "back door" implications.


Choose the alternative perfume option at a fraction of thecost.  These are proper alcohol basedperfumes (NOT water or oil based) which are boxed and sealed in their originalpackaging.  They look and smell like theauthentic perfume we all know and love - they just don't last quite aslong.  They are sold as eau Feaiche whichmeans they have a concentration of 1-3 % and lasts up to 3 hours, so you willneed to spritz again to top up.  eau deToilette has a concentration of 5-15% and lasts for 4-6 hours, that's the differencebetween the two and thus the reason for the cheaper prices.

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